Subterranean Termites

termitesSubterranean Termites

As the name implies subterranean termites reside underground where they build colonies in the hundred thousands. They use your home or business as a food source and get their water from the ground. When temperatures and moisture conditions are right they will send winged swarms to infest a wood or cellulose area to lay eggs, mate and gather food. They are smaller than ants which makes it very difficult to see to the untrained eye.


termidorTermidor is America’s #1 Termite defense product. We primarily use this product because we have seen the effectiveness in eliminating and keeping termites from your property. It’s enhanced technology and low footprint in your home or business has made this the most popular choice among all out clients.

Termidor performs so well because it utilizes a solution is is completely odorless and tasteless so the termites have no idea they are ingesting a poison and are sharing it with the colony. It is equally effective against drywood and subterranean termites.

Termidor unmatched performance and trust among pest control specialist makes it your first choice in combating termites. Contact us to learn more and schedule a consultation.

The most effective way to treat subterranean termites we use Termidor Termite Baiting System.

If your home hasn’t been inspected and treated in the last 5 to 7 years you could be at risk. Termites are small and hardly visible. If allowed to continue unhindered you can have a serious problem on your hands. Atlas Eco stands behinds these products as the best solution for permanently removing termites from your home or business.