Rodent Control

rodent-controlHow we implement a Successful Rodent Management Program

Thorough Inspections: Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your structure to find intrusion areas as well as harborage sites. These locations are critical when trying to control rodents.

Bait Stations: Stations placed strategically around the perimeter can control rodents before they enter the structure.

Rodent Proofing:  To make the structure impermeable to rodents all openings greater than 1/4″ should be sealed, but it may be impossible to seal all openings. Often times access points for rodents are where utility lines come into walls, as well as openings around air conditioning units, drain pipes and vents. These access points should always be sealed.

Indoor Trapping: Using glue boards or snap traps in areas prone to rodent infestations or foraging, is a proven method that requires “NO” use of poisons.

If you see evidence of rodents contact us right away before it becomes a bigger issue!