Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Atlas Eco knows its way around your home. You have many things to worry about  – pest control and maintenance doesn’t have to be one of them.

With Atlas you will always get the best service by technicians who care about your needs. We are on your side and we put the customer relationship first.  We want you to be happy and for your home to be healthy!

Our Pledge to You

Your Atlas Professional Technician receives ongoing training to better serve your needs. His goal is to create A PEST FREE ENVIRONMENT.

Once your Technician has eliminated the pests from inside your home, his job is to apply materials around the outside of your home in a responsible manner to prevent the pests from coming back inside. Also, your Atlas Technician will consult with you about any conditions around your home that can contribute to future problems.

Best of all you get to work with the same professional each time.

homeOur Step by Step Process

1. Assess
In most cases, you will have seen evidence of bugs invading your home. If this is the case then contact us right away.  We will send a technician our to inspect your home. Once we arrive the technician will start a thorough search of your home and property to find evidence of pests and to determine where their entry points are. We will also determine what damage may have occurred. At the end, our technician will make a report of their findings and inform you of the best plan and methods to eradicate the problem.

2. Every Visit
Once we agree on the best process we will proceed with the treatment of your home.  We design our pest control so that the problem ends on the perimeter of your home rather than inside of your home. It is not healthy or advisable to spray in your home every month. This principle is the foundation for our success and it is our belief that’s it’s the best plan for your health. We only spray inside the home only when necessary.

3. One-Time, Monthly, Every Other Month, or Quarterly

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall we have a pest control and monitoring system tailored specifically for you. We can come monthly or quarterly depending on the pests involved and needs in your home. We apply this process for hundreds of homes and we have had great success doing so. After treatment, if you see evidence of bugs returning we will do a service call at no extra charge!

The Atlas Eco Advantage

Our lawn spraying services are the Best Choice for healthy,  vibrant and green lawns. One look at your lawn and we will be able to tell you right away what is needed. Florida is a harsh climate with its variable rainfall, a wide range of pests and fungi.

Our number one priority is for your home is to be pest free. We understand the challenges of living in the Tampa Bay area and the constant threat of bugs and rodents. Your home is where you live, eat and sleep. No one likes an unwelcome pest. We will eliminate them for you.

Whether it be termites, ants, roaches, spiders or bed bugs, we have the best solution at the best value.

Your safety and health are first and foremost to Atlas. We use odorless and safe products that have been trusted and used for decades.

We cover:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spider
  • Silverfish
  • Earwigs
  • Plus other crawling insects
  • frequency one time, monthly, every mother month or quality

We normally send the same technician out each time. This helps you to establish a relationship with the technician, who is committed to understanding your particular needs

Contact Us for Residential Pest Control Services

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With Atlas you get the best product, best price and the best service. Call us today to schedule a consult and let’s make your home free of unwanted invaders.