Pest Control

pest-control-sprayingComplete Pest Control Service

Our people and pet friendly program is designed to protect your family from pest infestations. Atlas uses top quality products that are odorless and stain free. We select the best products and purchase them from the top manufacturers such as BASF, Bayer Environmental, Whitmire Micro- Gen, Nisus Corp. and Bell Laboratories.

Your Atlas Professional Technician receives on going training to better serve your needs. His goal is to create A PEST FREE ENVIRONMENT. Once your Technician has eliminated the pests from inside your home, his job is to apply materials around the outside of your home to prevent the pests from coming back inside. Also, your Atlas Technician will consult with you about any conditions around your home that can contribute to future problems. Best of all you get to work with the same professional each time.

Initial service covers inside and outside your home.

  • A pre-treatment inspection.
  • Interior treatment consists of baiting, crack and crevasse, dusting and fan tip spray.
  • Kitchen: behind electrical outlets, behind appliances, bottom cabinets, base boards, plumbing.
  • Bathrooms: behind electrical outlets, bottom cabinets, base boards, plumbing
  • Laundry Room: behind electrical outlets, bottom cabinets, base boards, plumbing
  • Garage: general spray, bait as needed.
  • Attic: Power dust with Timbor

Exterior Treatment consists of Up to 3 feet of perimeter soil/grass that is monitored every other month.

  • 3 foot base of walls
  • Window and door perimeters
  • Soffit and eves
  • Accessible Lanai
  • Around screen enclosure
  • Crawl space
  • Remove spider webs and paper wasp nest. Per Regular visit