Lawn Spraying

Your Green Lawn is our Specialty

THE ATLAS LAWN PROGRAM is designed to give you one less thing to worry about.  Our seasonal applications improve your lawn’s appearance by providing the correct amount of nutrients. We also go the extra mile by taking preventative measures to fight against disease, fungi, and turf damaging insects and ants.

Our Lawn Spraying covers the following…

Nutrient Program

Complete Fertilization, Fungi Control, Disease Control (Both Granular and Liquid)

Ornamental Care

Plants, Shrubs, and Trees under 8’- Fertilization, Fungi, Disease, Plant Damaging Pest. Flea & Tick Service Optional.

Turf Damaging Insects

Chinch Bugs, Grubs, Mole Crickets, Army Worm, Sod Webworm, Beatles.
Ant Control Per Visit

Weed Control

Florida Pusley, Betony, Dollar Weed, Primrose, Match-Head, Day Flower, Yellow Woodsorrel, White Clover, Ground Ivy & Sedge Weeds & many more.

Contact Us for Lawn Spraying Services

(813) 843-6342

For a Free Yard analysis and more information on our Lawn Spraying Service use our contact form to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 813-843-6342!

Here at Atlas we take pride in knowing each and every lawn service customer by name. We keep on top of every foreign enemy of your lawn to ensure it stays healthy, strong and green. You want to make a good impression and your lawn is what everyone sees first. This brings out the best in us – your healthy and beautiful lawn!

We take the stress out of worrying about whether your lawn is too wet, too dry, is it hungry or does it have disease. Our trained staff knows every pest there is when it comes to your yard. You can relax knowing that Atlas will take care of it for you!

Our rates are competitive and fair. We use only top quality products and we never substitute cheaper, sub-standard products just to save a buck.  We promise 100% quality on our services and plans. You can trust Atlas to stick to our high ethical standards, always.

We offer monthly, and bi-month plans. Between regular visits if for any reason something needs to be addressed we will happily come out and fix the issue at no extra charge.