Drywood Termites

drywood-termitesDrywood termites need very little water to survive which can make them independent of the hive. They are larger than subterranean termites. They infest deeply into the wood frames of houses and attic structures. Warm wet weather will produce swarms of termites that form new colonies, often in houses and neighborhoods.


bora-careOur Boracare treatment involves no tenting and no moving out. There are several major drawbacks to tenting such as:

  • Tenting requires home owners and tenants to vacate the premises for 3 days or more, which is inconvenient and can be very expensive.
  • Tenting does not guarantee to kill 100% of termites
  • It can damage the plants surrounding your house as well as roof tiles, and screened enclosures. It can also stain your tile floors
  • There is no lasting protection. Once the gas leaves the house it can easily be infested again, especially if your neighborhood is prone to termite colonies
  • There have been documented fatalities due to tenting

We use Boracare to not only eradicate termites but keep them away!

  • Boracare can be applied without the need to vacate your home or business
  • Boracare uses Glycol which penetrates deep into the wood, so it not only gets rid of termites but it keeps them from coming back for up to 25 years!
  • Boracare is applied using needles, so there is no damage to your furnishings, pets or plant life
  • Boracare is safe and effective and poses no risk for humans and animals